Back to School: A Buyer's Guide to Children's Plimsolls

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What exactly are Plimsolls?

Plimsolls are footwear that generally includes a canvas top and a rubber sole, as well as a protective toe bumper to ensure their durability.

These modest shoes acquired their name from 'The Plimsoll Line,' suitable for all ages, from babies to adults, and all types of activities. On a ship, this was a measurement that indicated the greatest depth to which the vessel could be securely immersed while loaded with cargo. When they were first introduced as 'beach shoes' in the 1830s, people began referring to them as 'plimsolls' owing to the line where their two materials meet and likeness to The Plimsoll Line.

They're great for everything from casual day-to-day wear to sprints around the school field. Plimsolls are available in a number of colors and styles, including slip-on, riptape, and lace-up versions.

The ideal fit of Plimsolls

While it may be enticing to size up when purchasing children's plimsolls and school shoes, this should be avoided to ensure that they are correctly proportional to your child's feet and do not allow excessive movement within the shoe. Clarks provides an in-store shoe fitting service to guarantee you find the ideal fit for your children's shoes.

Generally, your child's foot should have enough space on each side of the shoe to move easily, and their toes should not touch the tip of the shoe. A quick walk up and down the store, as well as a small jump, should assist you to determine how well they fit.

Is it true that school plimsolls are only available in black?

Plimsolls come in a variety of colours, but black is by far the most popular, and black school plimsolls often comply with school uniform dress standards.

Plimsolls for PE classes

  • Can a child go to PE in plimsolls?

A child's ability to wear plimsolls to PE lessons is determined by their school's uniform policy. The shoes have good traction on surfaces, and the sole bends with the foot, so if they're allowed as part of the school uniform, students should wear them for PE.

  • Can kids run in plimsolls or should they wear trainers?

Not only may children run in plimsolls, but they are frequently encouraged to do so, both at school and via scientific research. Shoes with flat bottoms, such as plimsolls, are more supportive for children's feet and foster a more natural running style by utilising the front half of the foot. Scientists think that the big heel featured in many trainers forces runners to fall on their heel, causing additional pressure on the foot.

The flexibility provided by the soft top fabric of plimsolls, along with the flexible sole, allows youngsters to move freely and comfortably throughout the day.

How to Clean Plimsolls

Our plimsolls are all machine washable, so don't be concerned if your child gets dirt or stains on them. Simply tap the shoes against an outside wall to remove any extra dirt before washing them at 30°C with a non-bio detergent. They'll look brand new instantly.

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