Platinum Vs Gold Vs Silver: What Is the Perfect Choice For Your Engagement Ring?

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An engagement ring is special because it is something to relive the memories of that auspicious day for years to come. Naturally, in look, feel and value you need something special, unique and sparkling for the eyes. What about a diamond engagement ring made out of gorgeous white gold? But wait, why choose white gold and not platinum? 

Are you feeling a little confused about making the right metal choice for your engagement ring? Don't worry, we are here precisely to explain things better so that you can make an informed decision. 

Understanding 3 different metals: Platinum, White Gold & Silver

Before we compare these three metal choices for the engagement ring, let's get to the basic facts and their mutual differences. 

  • Platinum: It is a widely sought after jewelry metal and a less expensive option than Gold. It is also the hardest and most durable among these three metals. 
  • Gold: Gold is still the most precious and coveted jewelry metal and is known for its stable market value over time. Gold variants like White gold by offering a sparkling white look comes as a trending fashion choice these days. 
  • Silver: It is the least expensive metal among these three and currently fetches nearly 2.5% of the market price of Gold. 

Understanding the Differences

In comparison to Platinum, Today gold is more expensive and has a timeless presence in fashion jewelry all over the globe. White gold, a particular Gold variant that is composed of 18 karat gold and traces of other metals like nickel, zinc and copper offers the smooth sparkling white shine and offers a far better fashionable choice than platinum. White Gold is as tough and durable as platinum white retaining the gold value to the fullest extent. 

The value offering 

As far as value is concerned, Gold stands as the ultimate value choice above all other jewelry metals. Platinum despite its marginal popularity among some enthusiasts couldn't match the rarity, value and market demand of Gold. White Gold offering a more durable variant comes with the purity and premium shine that customers seek to accompany their diamond rings. White gold looks equally fashionable and gorgeous with colorless and black diamond rings. If your budget is moderate then you can choose black diamond for your engagement ring. Black diamond prices are cheaper than any colored diamonds or colorless diamond. When you want to make the ultimate value purchase for this special moment of your life, there cannot be a better metal choice than gold. 

But if you want to strike the right balance between affordability and premium value, pure gold may not always be a good choice. In case you prefer the contrast of the original golden hue against a black diamond in your engagement ring, the option is still a timeless one. But as a more trending and fashionable choice, you can choose white gold, a more durable metal option with a smooth white finish that just looks perfect to accompany precious stones like a diamond in a ring. You can easily get white gold black diamond engagement rings under $1000.

What is so special about the white gold ring? 

White gold has emerged as the latest and most trending metal choice for fashion jewelry and is preferred by people who want to make their rings appear in sparkling white shine while not losing the timeless value of gold. White gold contains gold as the main ingredient which is alloyed with white metals such as nickel, silver and palladium. In many cases, they also come with a rhodium coating for a smooth white finish. 


Besides helping the gold to appear in a cream white hue, these metals also harden the metal and enhance the durability of the ring. The price tag of a white gold ring generally depends on the purity of the gold and the craftsmanship required for the design. 

White gold is trending as a metal option for engagement rings. But it has its share of strengths and weaknesses. Let's have a look at them. 


  • White gold is the trending metal for the most exquisite fashion jewelry. 
  • Because of the sparkling white shine, it looks aesthetically gorgeous and snob when paired with colourless or black diamonds. 
  • Being alloyed with several strong metals ensures optimum durability and resistance to wear and tear. 
  • It perfectly suits all types of skin tones. 


  • It needs periodic maintenance once in several years just to keep the rhodium plating intact for its smooth white shine. 
  • The composition of White Gold containing nickel may trigger allergic reactions in few people. 

What is the most durable choice?

When it comes to jewelry metal, durability always stands as a crucial consideration. Gold offering a timeless market value is preferred en masse but in terms of toughness, Platinum may have an edge. But then, White Gold makes the most balanced choice by bringing gold with a more durable build. 

It is important to remember that surface scratches and erosion from regular wear and tear are quite common with jewelry, especially finger rings. When it comes to resisting scratches, white gold hardened with alloyed metals is a better choice. When a regular jewelry ring is scratched, it can lose its metal substance. With white gold, the jewelry pieces can resist scratches and wear and tear more easily. 

If you are going to make a diamond engagement ring, the high durability of the white gold will be appropriate to make something timeless. Thanks to the toughness of white gold, the precious stones and jewels will remain in place and the ring will remain intact irrespective of the wear and tear of years. 

What is the most fashionable choice? 

Durability, toughness and premium value apart, white gold also stands as the most exquisite metal choice for fashion jewelry. On top of everything, the white gold comes with an antique shine so coveted for special jewelry pieces for auspicious occasions. This gorgeous and antique finish makes White Gold such a sought after choice for diamond rings in particular. 

Lastly, if you want to go for a diamond ring, there cannot be a more exquisite metal choice than White Gold. The gorgeous and smooth finish of White Gold perfectly matches the glam of the diamond in your engagement ring. 


After all, it is your engagement ring. So, why not give it the most fashionable, valuable and durable of metals? A diamond ring made up of gorgeous White Gold is all that your engagement day beckons as the most special gift. Go for it.

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