How to Pick the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

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Earrings enhance your look effortlessly irrespective of any occasion. You can easily choose earrings based on the event and the dress you are wearing. Various diamond earrings for men & women are available in the market, which varies in shape, size, material, weight etc. It can add magic to your look, but only if chosen wisely. So be careful and select earrings according to your face shape rather than focusing on what is in or trendy.

If you plan to buy expensive Jewellery, always research the shape and designs that match your face shape perfectly. Diamond jewellery is costly, and the sellers also provide the designs according to the general face types across the world. So check the available options on the website or retail store, try a few, and then finalize them.

Many of us think about how celebrities look perfect in everything they wear. But we have to understand that stars have designers to guide them. They select everything based on experts' advice and what suits them perfectly. Hollywood celebrities choose earrings based on their face type, dress and bone structure type, which helps them get a perfect look for events and parties quickly.

You must be thinking about your face shape now. So if you are aware of your face shape, it's great you can move to step 2. But if you cannot find out your face shape, then this step will help you determine the shape.

Bind your hair in a firm bun or pony and stand in the front of a mirror. Now use a soap bar or lipstick and outline your shape on reflection in the mirror. Now what are the different types of shapes?


  • Oval Shape Face: 

If your forehead is not too wide and matches straight with your cheekbones, you have an oval-shaped face. You are luckiest as you can wear earrings of any shape and size. Try triangular-shaped earnings or drop earrings with a diamond at the end to get a perfect look. So enjoy and explore with various shapes and measurements of earrings.

Did you get oval shape face? And want fashionable look then black diamond drop earring is the thing that you must consider. Black diamond earrings are unique and stylish. Just think how will you feel when you wear black diamond earrings in public? 100% for sure you are going to get unique look with everybody’s attention.

  • Narrow Face Shape:

Narrow shape face most prominent feature is the length of the face, and not much focus is on the forehead and jawlines of the person. It is a very near to square-faced shape but with a noticeable length. Short danglers will suit best on such face types. It will help in adding fullness to the cheekbones and will add softness to your face.

  • Square Face Shape:

This shape does not narrow much from the cheekbones to the jawlines or the forehead. Forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are in a straight line. So if you have a square-shaped face, then you should opt for round earrings. Hoop earrings are also great options as it helps in bringing attention to your overall face not only on the face angles. Select earrings with round edges or simple studs will also look great. You can even buy different colored studs which match most of the outfits easily. You can try Victoria's earnings too.

Source: GemoneDiamond

If you want luxurious look but can’t afford expensive diamond earrings, then black diamond stud earrings are best option available for you. Black diamond jewelry cost much less than any other colored diamonds or colorless diamond. Black diamond jewelry is growing its popularity in fashion world. 

  • Round Face Shape:

You have a round face shape if you have wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and jawlines. It is circular on which dangler type of earrings will look best. It helps in elongating your face shape, giving it a slim look. You can select earrings that are sleek and long in size.

  • Heart-shaped Face:

In this facial shape, the forehead is the broadest feature, while the cheekbones and jawlines are thin. If you've a heart-shaped facial expression, seek for earrings with loops that are broader at the bottom. You should use wide-bottomed, narrow-toped earrings to get this style. Buy Chandelier, which can go perfect with traditional wear.

  • Diamond Face Shape:

Diamond face shape, as the name suggests it resembles a lot with a diamond shape. Cheekbones are the highlighted part of this type of face shape. The forehead and chin area are slimmer than the cheekbones. Look for wide styled earrings instead of longer ones—select ones with heavy accents.

Earning selection based on bone structure

The main feature to select an earning is to select it according to your face type. But you can also buy it based on your bone structure too. Your bone structure will help determine the weight and the size of the earnings, irrespective of the material. If you have a small or fine bone structure, then opt for thin and delicate earrings. If you have a medium bone structure, then always choose medium-sized earrings. For large body structures, heavy and big earrings match the personality the best.

Earnings based on lifestyle:

Select earnings based on the occasion and your lifestyle too. If you wear it to your office or workspace, look for diamond or gold earrings that perfectly match your executive outfit, and simple studs will perfectly match any workspace outfit. The earring colour can match the outfit you are wearing for the day, and you can wear it of the same colour or in contrast with the dress colour. You can wear chunky outfits or loops for parties or after work friends get together. Wear something trendy, matching your outfit, which enhances your facial features perfectly.

Source: stephenwebster

Colorless diamonds are the most popular choice for earrings. If you want something unique and bold then try black diamond earrings- Affordable, Luxurious and Unique. If you are a fashion lover then choose black diamond earrings over colorless diamond earring. If you are tradition lover then colorless diamonds are good option for you.

Buy Jewellery of unique metal-like earrings of gold, diamond or silver type. Men’s Black diamond earrings look very stylish and elegant for most occasions. Black diamond is quite famous and in demand nowadays due to its unique look. Many celebrities are buying black diamond jewellery in the form of rings and earrings. You can buy it for your loved ones and make them feel special.

There are various sellers available on the web selling gold and diamond jewellery. These sellers provide a quality certificate of the Jewellery which gives you peace of mind. You can visit the websites to check the available options and select one to match your face type. You can make payment easily through online platforms, and the Jewellery can be delivered to your doorstep in a few days.

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