How to Fix Broken Back Glass on a Phone

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Apple's iPhone X, the iPhone 8, Google's Pixel 4, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 are among the latest smartphones to feature glass screens, an elegant design that is modern and elegant. Glass backs have several performance advantages, such as wireless charging, but the primary reason these tech giants are choosing glass for their rear displays instead of traditional metal or plastic is to add style. The price of luxurious-looking glass phones is high. Drops and regular wear and tear usually lead to scratched, peeled, or broken back glass.

Your Go-To Guide for Managing Cracked Glass Backs

Check out our go-to guide for answers to all of your most frequently asked questions about back glass replacement.

Do I need to replace my cell phone’s cracked back glass?

You may be considering whether you need to replace your broken back glass if your device has broken back glass. Although cracked back glass isn't pretty, it won't affect your ability to text, call, or scroll through social media; however, it can lead to cuts and scratches on your hands over time. As the glass begins to fall off, large chunks may fall off, exposing internal components.

If you see only minor scratches on your phone's back, you may be able to leave it as-is; however, consider getting a phone case or installing tempered glass backing to prevent further damage.

close up of cracked back glass on red iphone xrWhere should I go for back glass replacement?

You have several options to choose from when you need Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or iPhone back glass repair services. If your device is under warranty through AppleCare, your manufacturer, or your carrier, contact the warranty provider for details. While warranty repairs may be less expensive, you may be without your device for a few days as the Apple Store or other providers may have to ship your device to a repair center.

DIY back glass repair is another option. This may save you a few bucks, but we recommend leaving repairs to the professionals. If done improperly, you may cause more damage to your gadget than you started out with, especially to the rear camera housing.

Finally, there are local glass back repair shops such as iFixandRepair Northbridge Walmart. At iFixandRepair Northbridge Walmart, you can rest assured that a trained technician will safely repair the back of the phone and that our workmanship is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Having access to a large selection of replacement parts and expert training, most back glass replacements can be completed the same day you bring your device in.

How much does back glass repair cost?

The cost of replacing a glass back can be higher than replacing a front glass screen. There are several factors that affect the cost of rear glass replacement, including what kind of device you own, where you take it for repair, and if it is covered by your warranty. Contact iFixandRepair Northbridge Walmart to request a free estimate on glass back repairs near you.

How can I prevent my back glass from breaking in the future?

Be sure to take precautions after your repair to prevent your new back from suffering the same fate as your previous one. Shop for durable phone cases to protect the new glass from future scratches and falls. Consider a tempered glass back if you prefer the look of your glass back and do not want to cover it with a case. With our exclusive InvisibleShield On Demand machines, we can cut custom tempered glass backing for your phone at iFixandRepair Northbridge Walmart. With InvisibleShield tempered glass backing you can enjoy the look of your sleek device while enjoying industry-leading screen protection without a bulky case.

Are you ready to repair your broken phone's glass back? Contact an iFixandRepair Northbridge Walmart store near you for a free quote on your Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or iPhone repair.

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