Record-breaking! Bitcoin breaks the 67,000 U.S. dollar mark for the first time, and the global cryptocurrency market value reaches 3 trillion U.S. dollars

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According to a report on the 9th, cryptocurrency data aggregator Coin Gecko released data showing that the global cryptocurrency market value reached a record-breaking $3 trillion on November 8.

The report mentioned that as of 17:7 on the 8th Moscow time, the global cryptocurrency market value increased by 3.3% to 3 trillion US dollars. Among them, the market capitalization of Bitcoin and Ethereum accounted for 41.3% and 18.7%.

On November 9, Bitcoin hit a record high again in intraday trading, surpassing $67,000 per coin for the first time. Up to now, it is quoted at US$6,7408.8 per piece. Following October 20, the total market value of cryptocurrencies broke the previous record of US$2.62 trillion and has further increased by 14.5% in less than three weeks.

Previously, the total market value of cryptocurrencies peaked at nearly $2.62 trillion on May 12 this year and then rebounded from a low of $1.24 trillion on July 20. On January 6, 2018, the total market value of digital assets hit a high of 848.6 billion US dollars.

CoinGecko's data tracked 10,418 digital assets from 518 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Although the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply in the past two years, its market dominance has fallen by 42.8% since reaching a high of 70.8% on September 6, 2019.

Bitcoin still beats its biggest competitor, Ethereum, with a market share of 40.5% ($1.22 trillion). Ethereum's market share is 18.6% ($560 billion). In comparison, the total market value of all other cryptocurrencies accounted for a share of 40.9% (US$1.24 trillion), which further proves the increasing diversification of the digital asset field.

Messari's Ethereum filter currently tracks 209 projects established on the Ethereum network. According to the filter's data, the current market value of the Ethereum ecosystem is $829 billion, with a dominant position of 27.6%.

Last weekend, Tesla CEO Musk tweeted whether he could sell his 10% Tesla shares. The survey received widespread responses, ranging from celebrities such as the majority of Bitcoin and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Thaler to the founder of the Dogecoin combination, Billy Marcus, who supported Musk's selling of shares.

As a "whale" holding more than 110,000 bitcoins, Michael Thaler proposed converting Tesla's balance sheet into bitcoins and purchasing $25 billion worth of bitcoins. At the same time, well-known blogger Matt Wallace also suggested that Musk buy a large amount of Dogecoin.

In addition, last Friday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated that he would bear the payment of wages in Bitcoin. Adams is the second mayor to announce that he will accept Bitcoin to pay his salary after the US mayor Francis Suarez.

After El Salvador, the Zimbabwean government stated that to resolve the growing behavior of cryptocurrencies and the application of blockchain technology and bridge the gap in cross-border payment capabilities between African countries and other countries, the country considers using cryptocurrency as a legal payment method.

Data from Chainalysis shows that from July 2020 to mid-2021, Africa has received more than 105.6 billion U.S. dollars in cryptocurrency. At the same time, Africa is in the leading position in the wholesale Bitcoin payment category, accounting for 7% of Africa's total transaction volume.

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