SI 658 001 FA 2016

SI 658 001 FA 2016

The theme of SI 658 Information Architecture this term is the order of space.

The primary mode for our work in the class will be analytical, requiring us to conduct research to better understand the ways that the order of space is operative in complex information environments.

It's been the lifework of the architect Christopher Alexander to understand the order of space as it governs what's more and less good to do in a building, or a piece of tile, or a carpet. Together, we'll see what use can be made of Alexander's teachings about the nature of this order in the kinds of space where folks like us are more likely to be working.

Does the so-called Timeless Way of Building apply equally well to spaces where the material for building is concepts and ideas?  What benefit does understanding and applying the order of space provide to people who're trying to solve problems in complex information ecologies?

We have thirteen weeks to find out, and the focal point for all of our work this term are certain films by the American director Wes Anderson; including and especially his 1998 film Rushmore.

We meet on Mondays at 1pm in 2245 NQ.

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9/12 Audio Slides (DK Lecture)
9/19 Audio Slides (DK Lecture)
9/26 Audio Slides (Lili Marchak Lecture)
9/26 Audio Slides (DK Lecture)
10/3 Slides (DK Session Intro)
Levels of Scale 
Good Figure
Solid Boundaries
Alternation & Repetition
Inner Calm & Balance
Slight Irregularities
10/10 Slides (DK Session Intro)
The Life Aquatic
The Darjeeling Limited
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Moonrise Kingdom
The Royal Tenenbaums
10/31 Slides (DK Session Intro)





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