SI 658 001 WN 2016

SI 658 001 WN 2016

In this course, students will learn approaches to identifying, assessing, and making recommendations for changes to the information architectures of complex product / service ecosystems.

In fourteen weeks we’ll walk the steps of a process for rationalizing changes to the information architectures of a complex product / service ecosystem, from modeling the initial intent of the stakeholders to specifying what ought to be different, given the particular expressions of stakeholders’ and teammates’ intent we’re working on the basis of.  

The class structure is a mix of lectures, in-class group workshopping, and iterative comparison across similar product / service ecosystems.  Toward the end we’ll shift focus from architectures to architects, and will use what each of us learns individually about the life and work of a particular architect to re-examine the product / service ecologies our groups focused on in the first two thirds of the course.

Archive of Lecture Slides and Recordings

Class 1: Slides and Audio

Class 2: Slides and Audio and Audio of Q&A Session

Class 3: Slides and Audio

Class 5/6: Slides and Audio

Class 7: Slides and Audio

Class 8: Slides and Audio

Class 10: Slides and Audio Part I and Part II

Class 11: Slides and Video/Audio From Marsha Haverty's Talk 

Course Summary:

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