BIOPHYS 430 001 WN 2021

BIOPHYS 430 001 WN 2021

Medical Physics


Winter 2021


Instructor:  Magdalena IvanovaBiophysChem_430.png


Course Website:


Course Description


This course introduces the physics of physiological processes (muscular, cardiovascular, neuronal and renal), physics-based therapies, and biomedical imaging. Imaging techniques and physics-based therapies will be elucidated in the context of the underlying physical principles. Examples of imaging techniques which will be covered include ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography. Radiotherapy methods will be also introduced. Part of the class will be dedicated to data acquisition and image analysis using R-package.

Experts in the field will be invited to give guest lectures, providing students with the opportunity to hear firsthand about the current applications and cutting-edge development of biomedical imaging and therapy methods. Assignments will be geared toward exposing students to data analysis and developing projects focused on learning the recent developments in the biomedical physics.



Class Schedule                                             Zoom

M/W 8:30am-10:00am                  

Office hours

Zoom      Time TBD

zoom password: 440440


Accommodations for Students with Disabilities If you need an accommodation for a disability, please let me know at your earliest convenience. You may also need to contact the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office (734-763-3000; which typically recommends accommodations through a Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations (VISA) form. Any information provided by you is private and confidential and will be treated as such.

Religious holidays    Please let me know if you have conflicts with the examination dates


Course requirements and grading roster

20% will be deducted for each late submission.

Graded assignment/exam


Homework #1

6.0 pts

Homework #2

6.0 pts

Homework #3

6.0 pts

Homework #4

6.0 pts

Homework #5

6.0 pts

Q&A participation (total)

5.0 pts

Discussion #1

6.0 pts

Discussion #2

6.0 pts

Discussion #3

6.0 pts

Discussion #4

6.0 pts

Discussion #5

6.0 pts

Mid-term Exam

10 pts

Paper presentation

10 pts

Final Project

15 pts


100 pts


Grades will be assigned using standard tables.





100 %

to 93.0%


< 93.0 %

to 90.0%


< 90.0 %

to 87.0%


< 87.0 %

to 83.0%


< 83.0 %

to 80.0%


< 80.0 %

to 77.0%


< 77.0 %

to 74.0%


< 74.0 %

to 70.0%


< 70.0 %

to 67.0%


< 67.0 %

to 64.0%


< 64.0 %

to 61.0%


< 61.0 %

to 0.0%


All enrolled students can choose to attend the class synchronously or asynchronously. Lectures will be synchronously recorded and posted on Canvas for asynchronous viewing.

Although not required, synchronous attendance of the guest lectures and student presentations is highly recommended. Synchronous attendance will allow direct interaction with the guest speakers, which is very valuable for leaning and networking.

            All class assignments, exams, and quizzes will be posted on Canvas and can be taken synchronously or asynchronously within the specified time frames.

It is critical that all of you keep up with the lectures and the assignments from the beginning of the term. If you opt for asynchronous attendance, please make sure you view the class materials (lectures, assignments etc) within 36 hours of posting and answer the accompanying Q&A.

            Keeping your cameras ON during the lectures is highly recommended. Please let me know  if you are unable to have your camera on.  

 For troubles with zoom connection, please email. Notice that my response can be delayed during the synchronous lecture.


Class recording

All course lectures will be audio/video recorded and made available for asynchronous viewing. Your paper participation that you will give in class will be recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded, please contact me the first week of class to discuss alternative arrangements.

Students are prohibited from recording/distributing any class activity without written permission from the instructor, except as necessary as part of approved accommodations for students with disabilities. Any approved recordings may only be used for student’s own private use.


Lectures (20/20/20)

Each lecture will consist of three instruction sessions each 20min long. In between each instruction session will be two 5-10min Q&A sessions which you will find posted on Canvas Discussion. Students can participate by answering Q&A either synchronously or asynchronously. 


Q&As for participation credit (~0.22pts/lecture for a total 5 pts)

Participation credit is earned by answering Q&A (Question&Answer) session accompanying each lecture. Students can participate synchronously or asynchronously. Q&A for each lecture will be posted on Canvas/Discussion and closed 48 hours after posting lecture recording.

!!! Some lectures will not have Q&A. In these cases everybody will get full credit or 0.22pts per lecture.


Presentation talks (10 pts each)

Students will be teamed in groups of 2 for each presentation. Presentations will be synchronous and all group members should be present. Please plan accordingly to attend. Group members will share the same grade.

For this assignment, the students will do literature search on a specific topic, and present a summary of what they learnt. The length of the talks should be about 17-20 min followed by brief questions, comments and discussions on the topic.

Please note that class presentations will be recorded.


Homework (6 pts each)

            Homework assignments will be based on the material covered by the lectures to solve problems or answer questions. Refer to the syllabus for homework postings and deadlines. 

Please note that you should use LaTex editor located in the toolbars of Canvas and Microsoft word. For symbol description and formula writing you can also refer to:

Mid-term exam (10 pts)

Midterm exam will include the material covered by lectures 1-13, and will be a blend of short answers, problem solving, and usage of R-package.


Final Project Write-Up (15 pts)

Guidelines about the final project will be posted on the dates specified in the syllabus.


Discussions (6 pts each) can be any of the listed below formats

Blogging                     write a short summary (300-500 words) on a specified topic.

Trivia questions        answer questions based on the class material, as well as, a general science knowledge.

Article commentary  read and answer questions about the contents of a specific article

Literature mining      you will need to educate yourself on a specified topic by searching the recently published database.



Course Summary:

Date Details Due
CC Attribution Share Alike This course content is offered under a CC Attribution Share Alike license. Content in this course can be considered under this license unless otherwise noted.