Everything you need to learn about Thailand?

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Every year millions of people travel to Thailand, and the number of visitors is ever increasing. If you are planning to visit Thailand, then you should know some basic knowledge about Thailand! Real in this post, we have described everything about Thailand so keep reading.

Things you should know about Thailand-

  1. People in Thailand have a deep and genuine feeling of love and respect for their king. The king has done a lot for the country and the people. So the royal families are held in high regard and should never be criticized. If you are travelling to Thailand, then you should also give love and respect to their king.
  2. Words like "Wait" and "sa wad see" are used to greet in Thailand instead of shaking hands. Wai is done by putting both hands near the chest level and bending the head. This is done to show respect to the elders or people who have high social status! If someone says Wai then you must return it with respect.
  3. People smile a lot in Thailand, and it is their culture. From childhood, they are taught to be friendly and kind to everyone. So when you move around in Thailand, you will see many people smiling at you, and it gives really positive energy.
  4. People of Thailand are really conscious of their status and age. They refer to their seniors as "Pi" or junior "Nong".
  5. Western people do not have any problem with having physical contact. But the Thai people don't like much physical contact with people they don't know. 
  6. In Phuket and Pattaya, there are traditional Thai people who are conservative. They don't like too much affection in public. So, kissing in public places is inappropriate, and also in Bangkok, it's the same.
  7. Nicknames are common among Thai People. They do not use the last name for addressing someone. You make use of the word "khun" to talk to someone with respect.
  8. Tiles don't use chopsticks for eating noodles. They make use of a spoon or fork for eating the noodles. Remember that the folks should never go inside your mouth, and you should use it just to push the food on the spoon. Also, there are some meals that are eaten by hands like sticky rice and isan food.

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